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Compassion/Benevolence Ministry

WE care, WE serve


"WE care" is the name of our newly organized Compassion/Benevolence Women's ministry team. Founded on Galatians 6:2 "Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ." WE care and because we care, WE serve. 


We would like to support and serve YOU in whatever ways that we can during your time of need. Please notify us of your life events such as births, adoptions, receiving a foster child, passing of a loved one, medical treatments, surgeries, hospital stays, or other instances for which we may serve your family. WE care for you, and we want to support you in your times of need. 


We are also accepting new committee members for our meal teams and those who wish to write notes and send cards of encouragement. Teresa Owens, Stephanie Burdette and Rebecca Potrafka will be managing this committee and will be in the Connection Center after service this morning to answer questions or assist you in signing up. If you have any upcoming need, please reach out to the church office or Teresa Owens directly at (864) 723-4564.

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