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"Even if all the rest go silent, turn your chorus into the voice of one!" Priscilla Shirer


There are times when the crowd is saying or doing the opposite of what you know the Word of God teaches us to say or do. There are times when we have to walk in the opposite direction or stand alone when it is the right thing to do.


It is important and even imperative that we "emerge" to project Truth. Righteousness. Integrity. Even if it means standing alone.


Our beautiful butterfly bracelet reminds us to uphold a righteous standard. Emerge, to be known by Him!


This small abalone button comes in a variety of sizes and shapes and colors. The acrylic butterfly is perched on the top and held in place by the adjustable strap. Some of the straps are leather and some are waxed cotton in a variety of colors. Each one is unique and different. It would be impossible to depict every single one, however, we feel certain that you will be delighted with your Voice of ONE bracelet. It is safe to shower with it on your wrist.


The proceeds from these Voice of ONE bracelets will fund our WE ministries and projects, like the Magnolia House.

Voice Of One Bracelet

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