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Thrive with Us!

Updated: May 10, 2023

by Liz Glover

Grady and I are thriving. In every sense of the word. I looked it up. To thrive is to prosper; to flourish, bloom, blossom, advance, make strides, succeed; shoot up;

Please don't be envious or think I am flaunting our season of thriving, because it is just a season. It always happens when the conditions are right for the blossoms to spring up and become fragrant fruit.

There are times when the season causes the opposite to occur.

antonyms: decline, wither, fail, stagnate, die, unhealthy. Isn't this what happens to most living things when the seasons change and the conditions sap the life from living things. They hibernate and go into survival mode.

Survival Mode

6 months ago Grady and I were not thriving. We were in survival mode; sluggish and foggy headed, lacking energy and mental clarity to even remember peoples names that we should know well. For me personally, it was so bad that it sent me to my knees. I prayed and asked God to help me. I needed a long term solution for my aging body and mind. That's when I noticed my friend, Charlotte's, abounding energy.

An Answer to Prayer

God did answer my prayer for a rejuvenated body through my dear friend, Charlotte. We worked together an average of 18 hours every week for a year on extensive projects that required hard physical labor. When I first met Charlotte she was very depressed and we never made it through a day without tears. We had lots of deep conversations as we worked side by side and Charlotte's tears flowed freely.

One day Charlotte was wearing a patch on her arm. I asked her about it and she said, "Oh, it's this nutrition system that my husband bought for us. I don't know anything about it except that I am feeling better, I have more energy and my appetite is more under control."

I didn't ask any more because, honestly, I was not interested, until I noticed the tears weren't flowing any more. Charlotte's demeanor seemed happier and more uplifted. She seemed to have much more stamina than me. In fact, I could not keep up with her and would find myself sitting on a box as she flurried around me. Then about the same time that I prayed for solutions for my own physical health, Charlotte started getting a really cute curve in her slimming waistline. That's when I revisited the topic of the nutritional products that she was taking.

Shout Out!

I told Charlotte that I needed to try her nutritional products because I could see her transformation with my own eyes.

Nutritional products have done for me what it did for my friend, Charlotte. Within the week my foggy brain could suddenly remember events, names and things that I had been forgetting. My stamina was over the top. My pant's that were too tight were fitting and the same result happened for Grady.

What is the first thing that unhealthy people do when they find a cure? They shout it from the housetops! If you are my facebook friend you might have seen a few posts about some pretty miraculous occurrences that were just too exciting to keep to myself.

Grady and I are Thriving. Feel free to join us.

Go with God.

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