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The "To Do" List

Updated: May 10, 2023

I don't know if anyone loves writing and checking off a "To Do" list as much as I do. I have an awesome"To Do" app on my phone that shows up on all of my devices with little bullets that you get to "tick" to check off that item as "done". Sometimes I write an item on my list that was already completed just so I can "tick" it off the list. I won't elaborate on the huge desk pad, the 3 sticky white boards tucked inside cabinet doors and the white board on the bathroom door in front of the toilet to jog my memory in case the other lists didn't get the job done. (FYI, that's also a great place to leave messages for your husband.)

Grady and I have always dreamed about going on the road full time traveling in an RV. We started this journey several months ago and in actuality we didn't plan to become full time RVer's when we left home. We thought we were just going to visit my elderly Mother who has suffered with Alzheimer's for several years. But along the way our life took a drastic turn (no pun intended). We have been reeling a little at the news and life seems like a huge question mark with no road map telling us where to go and what to do next.

My main question has been, what does an active, project oriented, "to do" list maker do in a co-pilots chair rambling down the road in an RV? For that matter what does a purpose driven person do day in and day out traveling the countryside in an RV? I love work. I love projects that are elaborate and huge and require engineering and power tools,. I love decorating and design and textiles and paint. I love sewing and jewelry making and I love mowing on my little zero turn lawnmower with the SC sun shining on my bare legs and feet.

When we drive down the road in our RV I sit in a leather upholstered captains chair with my feet propped up and an iPad in my lap. It's a nice shift from the hard work that I'm accustomed to, but what will I write on my "to do list for the day"

  1. Make breakfast

  2. Prep the RV for travel

  3. Get your iPad and climb into the co-pilots chair

  4. Buckle your seat belt and look at the countryside for 6 hours

  5. Find your campsite

  6. Cook dinner

  7. Go to bed

  8. Copy and paste for tomorrows "to do" list

Do I sound incredibly ungrateful? I hope not. I'm confused and a little disoriented. However, I do realize that God is doing a new thing in our lives. So for today's item on the "to do" list I thought I'd talk about my journey and invite anyone who wants to join me to come along. And just in case you find yourself in a position of resetting your life as well, maybe you will glean some encouragement or creative ideas, or maybe you will share some of those with me.

Pushing the reset button is usually not planned or on the "to do" list. It can be unexpected and take you by surprise. I would love to know how you have reacted to having to push reset. Grady and I had to choose to either be bitter or to make new memories. We are making new memories!

Another question we had to ask is, where is Jesus in this and how do we find His plan and will in these current events? I do know that He has assured us with peace and given us comfort even amidst the fear and intimidation of the unknown future. And if we let go of the past we can actually begin to be excited about the adventure ahead.

If you are dealing with change as we have, we can all agree that change is hard. If you don't believe it just ask the mice whose cheese was moved. Change is hard. Part of change is the fear of the unknown. But it can also be a glorious new start that refreshes and revitalizes and gives a new perspective on life. Our dreams of seeing things we've always wanted to see are coming into focus.

We don't know where we will finish our life journey and ventures. We don't know where we will eventually settle to live. But for now we are making time to do things that we have never had time to do. I will be spending every waking moment with my best friend learning to live together, doing the Waltz of the RV and the RV Shuffle. (That's what you do when you both approach a tight spot in the RV at the same time.)

Most importantly, do NOT fast forward. And do NOT shrink back into what is comfortable. Make the leap, enjoy the ride and Go with God.

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1 Comment

Elizabeth, first thing I want to say is I so admire you and Grady for all the trust you have in God. You both are inspirational. Change is very difficult it’s true and this daily blog is both interesting to learn what you are doing and seeing each day but also seeing the growth that comes with your trusting in the Lord. I read your blog daily and wish you both a safe journey wherever you go. I am sure God has you in the palm of his hand, guiding you every step of the way. Thank you for all the encouragement you give to us, also on a journey to new realities. Love you both!

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