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She Laughs Without Fear

Updated: May 10, 2023

I'm privileged to know and be known by many strong and brave women. These influencers have encouraged me to live beyond what I believe I'm capable of and show me, by example, what is actually possible if you live without fear.

A few days ago I was looking out the front window of our RV as a huge class A motorhome pulled up in front of us. I didn't pay much attention until later, when I looked out again, it appeared that an elderly woman was unhitching the vehicle in tow so the RV could back into the space next to us. I thought this was admirable that she would help her husband in such a significant way. I looked around for her husband. I was intrigued so I stood and watched as she proceeded to slide into the captains chair and back the 40' motorhome onto her pad. She then stepped out of the RV, hooked up all her systems, set up her site and disappeared back into the RV. By this time I realized that she was traveling alone and there was no husband to help her.

Meet Connie Farrar, my newest influencer.

Later in the day I saw Connie in the street chatting with friends who were also staying in the same RV park. Being the nosey neighbor that I am, I walked out to introduce myself. In the course of the conversation I asked Connie if I was correct in my assumption that she was traveling alone. She told me indeed she was. I asked her to tell me her story and she graciously invited me into her RV home and allowed me to ask away.

Years earlier Connie's youngest son asked if they could buy a tent and start camping together. She and her husband thought that would be a great family outdoor activity for the 3 of them so they allowed him to pick out the tent and they set out for their great adventure. The first night she woke up sandwiched between her son and her husband with barely room to turn over and the next morning found that they had pitched the tent in a ravine with rising water. She told them to go fishing while she cleaned up and re-situated the campsite. While they were gone she drove to the nearest camping store, bought a very nice pop up tent and the love and passion for living in the great outdoors began. They progressed from the tent, to a pull behind trailer, to a class A gas engine and finally to the Class A diesel that you see in the photo above.

Connie further amazed me when she told the story of coming home from Bible Study one morning to find that her husband, unbeknownst to her, was having an estate sale. Everything in her home was selling for one dollar. Refrigerator - $1.00. Sofa - $1.00. Family heirlooms - $1.00. They had talked about becoming full time RV travelers so her husband took it upon himself to liquidate their assets and expedite the process. I sat across from her with my mouth hanging open in disbelief!

"Weren't you livid? How did you deal with that?" I asked.

She responded, "I was livid and hurt, but after the dust settled and I realized how important it was to him, I joined him in the process to go full time. The house went on the market and 5 months later we were ready to travel. I was able to process it with grace and mercy because of my deep love for him."

WOW! My mouth is still hanging open.

Connie's husband had become ill so it was necessary for Connie to be the captain of their adventures and manage all the driving. He was able to manage all the exterior hook ups at their campsites while she set up the interior. They traveled together for 10 years until he was suddenly and unexpectedly diagnosed with leukemia. 6 months later Connie said goodbye to her Beloved as she lay him to rest.  

You would think this turn of events would be enough to cause her to re-evaluate her situation, to find a little house near her family and to settle down to a normal routine and safe lifestyle. But Connie loved her life of adventure and travel. She and her husband had developed many deep and lasting friendships in the RV world and so, consistent with her spirit of adventure, she rolled up her sleeves and learned how to do all of the responsibilities that had been her husbands. She had a family meeting with her sons. One of them encouraged her to go for it and travel as long as she wanted. The other asked her to please consider settling down. They came to a compromise and agreed that she would not travel past the age of 80. She is currently 75 and has traveled alone for 5 years.

As I finished my visit with Connie her final words to me were, "You can do so much more than you think you are capable of." Connie has proved this to be true.

Proverbs 31:25 "She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come."

This verse epitomizes Connie. She certainly is fearless. Without question, she was prepared for the life that took her by surprise. She has an anchor and a sure foundation as her life is built upon her Lord, Jesus Christ which enabled her to be strong and sure. She is worthy of honor and respect as she stands as a shining example of how, together, she and her husband built a life they loved and she continues to live that life fearlessly.

Connie's example has encouraged me in so many deep and lasting ways. I want to love my husband with the same selfless sacrifice that she loved hers. I want to be challenged to learn new things that most would believe are beyond the capacity of an aging woman. I want to stop being afraid. I want to laugh at the days to come and live in delight of each and every adventure.

Thank you Connie for sharing your life story with me. I will be forever changed by your example. I believe others, who read your story, will as well.

Be fearless and Go with God.

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