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Living Small = Living Large

Updated: May 10, 2023

My front yard is the world. And so is my back yard for that matter. Today my yard is scattered with live oaks and there is a gorgeous lake a few yards from my door. My garage is a little grove of live oak trees with my Jeep nestled in the middle. My neighbors are the friendliest people on the face of the earth and are constantly on the move, like us. We live in a tiny house on wheels. We are full time RV travelers.

For years we talked about living in an RV and traveling full time. I was afraid to take the leap and leave my home. As much as I love my husband, I thought it would be a lonely life with Grady as my only companion. Leaving my friends and church family behind was the most difficult part of all. But instead of losing my connections, I have reconnected with family members. I had lunch and got caught up with a best friend from my youth. We have future plans to visit friends all over the country who we have lost touch with. Modern technology makes it easy to stay connected with those we love at home. We have even been able to visit our home church in Agawam, MA online and had a few very special worship times in our little home on wheels. We would never have done these things if I had not been willing to join my husband to venture out. 

I've loved my brick and mortar homes. The vast expansive spaces afforded me opportunities to entertain, craft, decorate, raise kids, build my nest and snuggle with the people I love. It was difficult to imagine life without all my stuff. There are pieces of furniture that I adore. Just to look at them is like "eye candy" and gives me joy. I love art on the walls, draperies and splashes of well coordinated color. It was hard to imagine living in a space where the furniture could not be rearranged for a "new look" or having space to add an adorable trinket from the local Habitat Restore.

My fears were put to rest as I reupholstered our RV cornices and IKEA sofa with hand blocked printed slub cotton from Jaipur. Our barrel back chair that I reupholstered with my favorite sari quilts is my new "eye candy". I treasure the cross that was handmade by my sweet friend Charlotte Holmes Murray. I never get tired of looking at my walls painted with Joanna Gaines Magnolia "Shiplap" white. It was so fun stenciling the walls with Magnolia "Wedding Band" paint. 

The colorful draperies, bedspread and pillow shams in the bedroom are designed using gorgeous sari quilts made by survivors of trafficking in India. They are my greatest treasure. The bedroom is so vibrant with color and everything about it reminds me of the sweet friends in India. This bedroom is actually the coziest little nest and I love it as much as any grand master bedroom in any house I've owned.

A few of the many things that I can't do in my tiny house is horde stuff, overstock pantries, spend hours cleaning the house, work in the yard, and have a steady routine. Small living has been an adjustment. I think it as an art in itself. But I no longer think that I cannot live large if I live small.

I no longer think that I'm being cheated out of the joy of living by living small.

And as the sun sets on our evening we are blessed to view the world that is our home. When we go to our next destination our view will be different but it will still be home.

Go with God.

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