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Just Living

Updated: May 10, 2023

I had a dream last night about my precious paper calendar desk pad. I spilled water on it and my towel would not dry up the water so it soaked through to the next page and the next page. As I worked furiously ripping off pages to try to salvage the paper desk pad I came to the last page and realized that there were no more pages and I had no desk pad to schedule my life.

Now that’s messed up!! The fact that I dreamed about my calendar and that I valued it so very much. This may sound silly, but I prayed and asked God what He was speaking to me. He replied that it’s okay to just live. Not everything has to have a deep profound purpose.

So today, as we drive 30 miles to Corpus Christi, TX we are going to enjoy a lovely seafood lunch, walk the beach, go to some art galleries and have a lovely day of fellowship. My only purpose for this day is to relish in Gods creation and the gift of being with my husband one more day. That is life’s purpose for today.

Go with God. And Just Live.

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Sounds like you’re in store for a wonderful day!

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