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Having our "Needs" Met

Updated: May 10, 2023

"Need - it's a very interesting word. It's one of the most frequently used words in human culture and one of the words used most sloppily," Paul David Tripp states in his book "New Mercies Every Morning". He goes on to say, "We become convinced that we just can't live without this particular thing that we need. We wonder if God really knows what we need as we look over the fence at the lives of others."

"If need means "essential for life" most of the things we load into our need category aren't really needs. They are actually desires that have become so precious to us that we cannot conceive of being happy without them. At this point they capture our thoughts, direct our desires, shape the way we think about our lives and define how we think about God."

Our Charleston Townhouse

"Here are 3 things that happen when you name something a need:"

  1. "You feel entitled to it. This means you are sure it is your right to have it in your life."

  2. "You think it's your right to demand it. You do not feel uncomfortable asking for it again and again."

  3. "You judge the love of God by his willingness to deliver it. " Paul David Tripp

2006 40 ft Holiday Rambler

2019 in Review

Thank you for bearing with me as I quoted from one of the most impactful devotionals for my 2019 year in review. I thought it might speak to you as it did to me. As I have scaled down my life and sorted through my possessions to begin this journey of full time RV travel, I've had to seriously ask myself several questions:

My "need" categories:

  1. How much space do I really need? Answering this question prompted us to simplify our lives by selling our 1,800 sq ft town home to move into our 40 ft Rv with 4 slides.

  2. How much space do I really need? Answering this question further prompted us to sell the 40 ft, 2006 Holiday Rambler with four slides and about 450 sq ft of space and move into the 37 ft, 1996 Beaver Patriot with no slides and a total of 290 sq ft of space.

  3. How many clothes do I really need? This has been the trickiest challenge of all because a girl does love her clothes! Especially one who sews and designs fashion. I plan to show you how I have conquered that challenge in tomorrows blog.

  4. How much pantry and refrigerator space do I need? I think I am guilty of hoarding food. I'm amazed when I look back on the house we owned with a huge walk in pantry, refrigerator in the kitchen and another one in the garage - for 2 people!!

Our current residence.
1996 37 ft Beaver Partriot

Let me clarify, lest there is a misunderstanding about my comments, that there is nothing wrong or sinful about owning a large house with full closets and pantries and a garage with multiple vehicles. Grady and I have been blessed with these things as well and enjoyed them immensely. We had opportunities to host events and house people and share our space and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

This new season of life, which requires minimal living, is intriguing to so many people in this overly indulgent world and so we began this journey by defining the perimeters of our new life and scaling down to the basics of our need.

I think no matter where you live or how you choose to live, this evaluation process is a very important part of the journey to declutter your life and get back to the basics. Once you have come to corporate conclusions as a family, you are then unfettered to live within your personally define perimeters and hold each other accountable to maintain your standard of living.

Keep it simple and Go with God.

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This is so true and ultimately life changing ❤️

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