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Lacey Stone

Lacey Stone will manage and direct our "WE" Groups.

There are several groups meeting at different homes and at different times throughout the week. Please scroll down to view Host Homes, group Leaders and group topics and times.  You may email us to let us know which group you are interested in joining.


WE Groups are small groups of women (5 - 12 women per group) meeting in a Host Home and lead by a WE Group Leader.

The purpose of WE Groups is to become more interconnected, build new friendships and pray for one another as needs within the group arise. Lacey Stone will provide a lite devotional to be shared by the Group Leader and discussed among the Group members. At different times there may be cookouts and/or games or other fun activities.

Duration: 4 months

Frequency of meeting: 2 times per month.

Beginning in November: only 1 meeting in the months of November and December.

As WE mentor, disciple, pray and enjoy fellowship we hope to see new relationships form with a deep bond of love and concern within our Sisterhood.

Sign up for WE Groups

If you would like to participate please email us with your contact information. WE Groups are filling up fast so don't wait too long to join!

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